Thursday, 22 Aug 2019

4 Reasons Why You Need To Provide A Shuttle Service For Your Employees

Commuting every day is difficult as one needs to battle the daily traffic, the time, queueing, the pollution, and the expenses. It happens around the globe and becoming problematic ever since. As the number of workers growing, so as the problem in the daily commute. Not only the time one commuting is the problem, once the employee reaches the office, but he will also get likely to be less productive. The stress commuting gave to the employee leads to making his day ruined, his clothes smelly, his appearance less likely, and his mood to be tiring. So, it is challenging to commute daily. Providing shuttle service to your employees is beneficial even if it is only for a particular point up to the office. It is advantageous to both the employee and the employer.

5 Benefits of Providing A Shuttle Service To Your Employees


Most of the employees delayed in getting to the office are due to the peak hours of traffic and queueing. Even people who have their car are postponed due to the jamming of traffic and growing numbers of vehicles on the road. At some countries, coding schemes are beneficial to lessen the traffic. However, at some countries where such is implemented, due to a large number of vehicle purchases plus the old vehicles running, the traffic becomes worst. So, whether you like it or not, employees will go late. Sometimes, employers think that the traffic is an abusive excuse, but reality check, it is a valid excuse. One of the greatest antidotes is to go early, at least 2-3 hours before your office time. However, at most times, it does not apply to everyone. When a company provides its people with a shuttle service, it is easier to get to the office on time.

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For employees, usually, 20% of their daily wage goes to commute expenses plus the hassle and stress of getting into the traffic. They can save money when the company is providing a shuttle service. On the other hand, the employer will get benefited to it also. If there is a shuttle service, they will save on the parking fee and will have vehicles for their employees. The company can have shuttle service in Houston rented so they will save more on the costs.


Reducing the stress of the employees will lead to being more productive, and the company will significantly benefit from it. While they are on the shuttle on the way to the office, they can relax, check emails, plan their day, and think of their priorities at the office. Once they step in the office, they will feel the enthusiasm in working. Some shuttle service can even drop the employees at their doorstep so it will give them comfort and relaxation after a tiring work at the office.

Stronger Employee Relationship

Admit it or not, there is competition in the office especially if you are working in a department. It was becoming a problem too to the management unless the competition becomes friendly and benefiting the company’s production. Having a shuttle service will give your employees time to bond and let them have a stronger relationship with each other. It is like a daily team building inside the shuttle.