Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

Features to Look for in Las Vegas Answering Services

When you are choosing new Las Vegas answering services, you are going to want the best. It’s your reputation on the line when customers interact with someone that represents your business, so choosing the best answering service is key. These are some of the popular features to look for to help make your decision easier.

Proficient and Happy Operators: An answering service can be more than the operators, but without good operators it will not be the best answering service. If a company isn’t properly training their operators, then quality is not its top concern. Being an operator can be a tough job, so there can be a lot of turnover, but if the company has happy operators then they care about quality and make fewer errors.

Flexible Pricing: This doesn’t mean to look for the cheapest service. Usually the cheapest service is not going to be the best choice. Services could be billed by the minute or by call, and services that charge a flat rate or only have a few plans might not be cost efficient, especially if your usage doesn’t fall into the plan allotment. Two businesses aren’t going to be alike, so an answering service that has more flexible pricing will benefit you more.

24/7 Availability: Las Vegas answering services that are available 24/7 are going to be your best bet, and if they are handling calls at all hours, ensure that you aren’t going to be charged extra. Not only do you want your calls to be answered 24/7, but you also want to check the customer support available for the answering service. If you have an urgent issue over the weekend, are they there to help?

Different Features: An answering service should be able to answer calls, but many have additional features that can benefit your business. Outbound calling can help to remind people of appointments, or to schedule ongoing appointments. Even businesses such as HVAC companies can use outbound calling to remind people of expiring service contracts. Appointment setting may be a necessary feature if you are too busy to schedule appointments yourself.

Good Reputation: Checking online reviews can help determine if the answering service you are considering has good reviews. A company won’t be perfect, so there isn’t going to be one that has all the best reviews. If you find a company that has 100% positive reviews, they might be faking them. See what the poor reviews say and if the company makes an effort to respond and handle the bad experiences.

Minimal Hold Times: A company can’t guarantee that there won’t be hold times, but they can try to have the shortest holds possible. Shorter hold times lead to great customer happiness and hold times can be avoided by looking at past trends and making sure there is proper staff during peak times.