Monday, 14 Oct 2019

Renting Your First Office: 5 Hacks

You’re renting your first office, and that means exciting times are ahead. If you want your business to thrive, you need to make the right decisions; however, there’s a whole lot to consider, so here are five major hacks to help you ensure you choose the right space for you and your business.

1. Account for extra expenses
When you’re renting an office, there’s not just the rent to consider, so make sure you know all the additional costs you’ll need to cover. For instance, do you have to pay for utilities? What about the phone and internet? Find out what’s included in the agreement and what isn’t.

2. Leave room to grow
There are some massive offices to rent out there, but if you only have a few employees or are starting out as a solopreneur, you don’t want a hulking great office just yet. Even so, as an ambitious entrepreneur, you’ll be looking to grow your business and should rent an office with space for a few more desks, at least.

3. Think about the length of your rental agreement
Since it’s your first office, you might wish to remain flexible and look for other offices to rent if things aren’t going well in your business or if you’re not as happy as you thought you would be at the new office. Business could even take off, and you could outgrow your office, in which case you won’t want the rental agreement to hold you back.

4. Choose an office with parking and bike storage
Your employees won’t thank you if they’ve got to get the train or bus into work when they could have just as easily driven or cycled in if you’d had the facilities. Some will be parents and may have to take the kids to school before they go to work, so choose an office that has parking available for your employees. Other employees wish to make the most of cycle-to-work schemes and save some money as well as get some exercise, so your office should also have somewhere they can store their bikes.

5. Pick somewhere that has amenities nearby
There’s nothing worse than working in a place that’s in the middle of nowhere. You should choose somewhere that has access to restaurants, cafes, and shops, so that you or your workers can get lunch, breakfast or necessities during their working day. You’ll also need to think about buildings or places that you need to visit or use regularly for business, such as banks, and rent an office near to these.

These are all important things to bear in mind when choosing your office space. Taking them into account when deciding where to set up your office will help to make it easier to operate a successful business. Happy hunting!