Wednesday, 22 May 2019

What Are The Best Kinds of Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are some additional incentives that are offered by employers to ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of their employees. Notably, employee benefits are different from and unaffected by normal salary and wages. For many employees, these benefits are some of the most essential factors that they consider when accepting a job offer.

To be a choice employer, every employer must be willing to offer astounding employee benefits that can motivate their employees to work satisfyingly for a long time. Here are some of the best kinds of employee benefits that are offered by employers today:

  • Paternal and maternal leave

As the name indicates, this benefit comes in form of a leave that is specifically provided to fathers and mothers of newborns. Though it is usually a fully-paid leave for most companies, there are often differences in the duration from one company to another.

  • Onsite gym, sports or healthcare facilities

This benefit allows employees to have direct and free access to a gym as well as sports and healthcare facilities that are located within or close to the company during a specified time. Some of the facilities that may be available include saloon, spa, dental care centre, carwashes, swimming pool, football field, and tennis court.

For some companies without onsite facilities, they may offer stipends to their employees to access gym, sports or healthcare services. The coverage of the stipends may include gym dues, gym membership fees, or fitness programs.

  • Healthcare coverage

Healthcare coverage is a form of an additional package that allows employers to pay for some health-related expenses of their employees. Life insurance, dental insurance, and disability (long or short-term) insurance are some of the things usually covered by healthcare insurance.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

This benefit helps employees to pay back the debts they have accrued on their tuitions. Some employers may pay a certain percent of the tuitions while others offer the employee a particular amount of money to pay parts of the tuitions owed.

  • Pension Plan

This benefit promises a certain pension payment that will be released to the employees in the future. Sometimes based on the performance of the employees, pension plan usually requires the employer to be depositing certain amounts to a pension firm from time to time.

  • Discount on website purchases

Some e-commerce companies offer their employees the opportunity of buying their products at a discounted amount. For some companies, the discount can be as high as 40%.

  • Remote work

This is a form of benefit that ensures that employees enjoy flexible working time and plan. Rather than working at the office every day, the employees are allowed to choose a certain number of days in each week or month in which they can work from anywhere.

  • Assistance programs

An assistance program is a program designed to help employees in other areas of their lives. Good examples of assistant programs include work/life program, confidential counselling, and legal consultation.

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