Monday, 14 Oct 2019

What to Do If Your Small Business Get Sued

Nowadays, consumers are more demanding on the quality of the product they use. Some consumers will meticulously check the product for flaws and then seize the opportunity to launch a lawsuit. If your small business gets hit with a lawsuit, you might get panic and suddenly be at a lost on what to do.

Don’t Be Panic

First, don’t be panic or have any resentment against the other party because it will lead you to do something wrong. Stay calm and review the lawsuit to find out on what issue you are being sued. You can seek help from the internal legal department or get counsel from other experienced people if there are hard terms in the lawsuit and you don’t understand after reading it.

Contact a Lawyer

The next step is to contact your lawyer. The lawyer should be someone that is trustworthy and able to communicate with you without any problem. He should be able to explain things to you at your understanding level and answer all your questions efficiently. Good lawyer is not cheap to hire so you must be willing to set aside money to hire one.

Take the Lawsuit Seriously

It is important to take the lawsuit seriously and don’t ignore it just because you think everyone will see that you are innocent. If you ignore the lawsuit and don’t do anything to defend yourself, the judge will eventually rule it in the plaintiff’s favor. Ultimately, you will have to pay a large sum of fine or close down your business.

Provide Your Lawyer with All the Documentation

You are to provide your attorney with all the necessary information to prove that you are innocent. Tell the lawyer what you witness and provide him with all the necessary documents for evidence. The lawyer will be responsible in interviewing everyone that is involved. All the documentation including recordings, photos, and any other proof for the incident should be stored in a secure place. You should never delete or throw away any written documentation as every piece of the documentation could be a piece of evidence that help you in your case.

Use an Affidavit If You Can’t Attend the Court Case

If you can’t attend the court for any reason, you can create an affidavit and let your lawyer represent you at the court. An affidavit is a sworn statement where you ascertain that every documents and evidence presented to the court is truthful. You can let your lawyer craft the affidavit or use the affidavit sample template in the PDF editor.

In Movavi PDF Editor, you can access a free general affidavit template for use in your court case. All fields are fillable including text field, checkbox, and signature field. For the text field, just place your cursor in it and type the required information. To add a signature, go to Edit > Signature and click on Image to load your digital signature image.

Be Careful about Opening Up to Others

When you get a lawsuit, you may be tempted to open up about the matter to another person. However, it is advised that you don’t do this as you can accidentally say something wrong. Who knows the person whom you open up the matter can use the information against you. Instead, zip your mouth and keep the matter in between you and the lawyer only.

Have Self Control Over Your Emotions

You need to keep your emotions checked to avoid becoming emotional and saying what you should not say in front of the judge. It is to your advantage that you control yourself and answer only the questions that you are being asked by the lawyer and judge on the witness stand. Prior to attending the court, make sure you practice on remaining calm.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It is expensive to cover all the fees of the legal battles. If you have a business insurance, you can contact your insurance company and ask them how they may compensate you on the legal fees. For example, if it is a lawsuit from an employee, you should review the workman’s compensation insurance policy. You should review the liability insurance if you are dealing with a situation that involve a customer accidentally injuring himself on your property.